NSACLA Accredited Exam for Building Construction

Get Ready for the NASCLA Accredited Exam for Building Construction

The NASCLA-Accredited Commercial General Building Contractor Exam consists of the following subject areas;
General Requirements; 25 items
Site Construction; 15 items
Concrete; 6 items
Masonry; 4 items
Metals; 6 items
Wood; 5 items
Thermal and Moisture Protection; 5 items
Doors, Windows, and Glazing; 4 items
Mechanical and Plumbing Systems; 6 items
Electrical Systems; 3 items
Contracting Requirements; 31 items

You will be scored on 115 questions, with a Minimum passing score of 81. In addition to the 115 questions, 10 non-scored "pre-test" questions will be administered on the exam. These questions will not be scored. The total number of questions on your exam will be 125. Your time limit is 5 1/2 hours. This may sound like a lot of time (2.6 minutes per question) but unless you are well prepared you will run out of time or end up clicking through questions just to get them marked. This is just one area our study software will help to prepare you.